Indecent Proposal

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Leilani just got back from her first semester of college, and now that she has returned home, her perverted step dad wants to bone. She’s been invited to the party of the year, and there’s gonna be wine, and there’s gonna be beer. Leilani is in trouble deep because she is dating some creep, but when her mom got a peep, she fucking freaked. Leilani begs her step dad to let her go to the special party, but before he does, he wants to get naughty. The step dad eats her ass like it’s a bucket of chicken, and when he’s done, his fingers he’ll be licking. Leilani sucks his huge cock, cuz this party is gonna rock, and she begs him to have the talk. After a nice 69 session, Leilani still hasn’t learned lesson, so the true fun begins when the perverted step dad slips it in. They fuck on floor, and they fuck on the couch, they fuck until the step dad is about to say ouch. Leilani begs for a big load of jizz all over her mouth and that seals the deal, so she heads to the party, way down South.

Actors: Leilani Leeane